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When the subject is Content Marketing, SEO is the basis of the strategy.

Here in Rock Content, for example,  we increased the organic traffic of this blog by 1.772% in just 12 months.  With that, it gives to have an idea of ​​the potential of  Search Engine Optimization , right?

Investing in SEO is cheaper and brings more results over time than just betting on paid media.

In addition, according to the Content Trends 2016 research, Content Marketing is already adopted by 70% of companies.

And the tendency is to grow more and more. At the end of the accounts, no businessman likes to leave money at the table.

That means, more and more organizations will need to set up, monitor and improve their SEO strategies. For that, the  SEO Analyst  is fundamental.

  1. But what is that professional doing in practice?
  2. What is necessary for those who want to become an SEO Analyst?
  3. How do I hire an SEO analyst for my business?
  4. Those and other answers are what you’ll find from now on!

In this post you will understand:

  • What does an SEO analyst do?
  • How much does an SEO Analyst earn?
  • What is the qualification needed for an SEO Analyst?
  • What are the skills that an SEO Analyst should have?
  • How to hire an SEO Analyst?
    • Job description template
    • Pre-interview task
    • What to ask in the interview
  • Why is it important to have an SEO Analyst?

What does an SEO analyst do?

To have a successful strategy in content marketing, you need to know how to generate visits (traffic) from  search engines such  as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

For that, it is necessary to understand your  person  and identify the search terms most used by this. Each piece of content produced should contribute to your corporate blog get more visitors and generate more leads.

In that process there is no magic. The contents with focus on SEO, usually give work to be created.

From there, you already have a notion of the need to have a specialist.

With all this, the work of the SEO Analyst goes beyond the content. This is responsible for optimizing all pages of the site to obtain the best possible position.

That includes taking care of details in the code and even generating relationships with other sites and blogs – as happens in link building strategies  .

In general, the SEO Analyst has 4 main functions:

  • Search for keywords
  • SEO on-page
  • Seo off-page
  • Metric analysis

Do you want to better understand how each of these 4 activities works in practice? Look below:

Search for keywords

The SEO analyst is responsible for finding keywords that can be used to obtain a good  positioning in the search engines  and, with that, attract more visitors to the site.

For that, the professional must know how to evaluate the  volumes of monthly searches made by users for each keyword. However, that is not all. It should also analyze the  difficulty of positioning  well for that keyword.

Outside of that, a good SEO Analyst is one who puts himself in the client’s place to understand how he performs his searches – and when he is most prepared to buy.

In this way, it is also important that the professional knows the concept of  long tail .

SEO on-page

This part of the work requires a series of configurations on the company’s site.

But attention: the SEO Analyst is not a specialist in the creation of sites. His work is timely, identifying problems and opportunities.

The analyst will certify, for example, that the keywords are used correctly in the different pages. It will also pay attention in point such as URLs, Sitemap, among other factors.

Besides that, it will look  for programming errors  that are damaging the positioning, such as duplicate content, repeated titles, misuse of intertitles, etc.

SEO off-page

SEO off-page is related to external links that a site receives. These links come from  recommendations and addresses  that other sites and blogs make to your content.

Therefore, the SEO Analyst must be attentive to opportunities to create quality content and to share. At the end of the accounts, that’s the best way to get external links.

Another task is to get in touch with other sites to  generate associations  and links. That includes sending emails and making phone calls to potential partners.

Analysis of metrics

The analysis of metrics is one of the most important work to make decisions – both in the day to day and in relation to the future of the site.

To perform this task, the professional will be constantly working with  Google Analytics . The analyst should identify the keywords that bring the most visits. You should also analyze where the external links come from   and see which actions taken previously brought the most results.

Another important point is the  analysis of conversions,  which may be leads or sales, for example.

All those points must be measured so that they can be improved, taking the necessary measures.

What are the skills that an SEO Analyst should have?

  • Excellent written communication
  • Ability to  analyze data,  show reports and results and  make optimizations  based on the data collected
  • Basic knowledge about programming (HTML, Sitemap, robots, breadcrumb)
  • Basic knowledge of User Experience
  • Domain of SEO tools.

How to hire an SEO Analyst?

Finding the ideal SEO analyst makes all the difference in your content marketing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to take some care not to make mistakes in the election.

To help with this task, we prepare some materials for you. The first is a vacancy announcement template; the second is a pre-interview task that you can use as a filter; and the third are the questions that must be asked during the interview. Look!

Job description template for vacancy



Re-posted to the Marketing Director, the SEO Analyst will be responsible for identifying and executing opportunities to improve the positioning of our content for the relevant keywords in the top, middle and bottom of the marketing funnel.

Its function will also be responsible for the SEO on and off page, oriented to the other members of the team in relation to the strategies used.

It supports the production of content, providing data and strategies for the creation of relevant content related to the  keywords  worked on.


  • Increase organic site traffic
  • Grow the number of organic leads generated by the corporate blog, leading to new sales opportunities
  • Train sales through the positioning of relevant content in the different stages of the funnel.


  • Manage SEO on-page and off-page of the company
  • Collaborate with content marketing team and blog producers to create high quality content for important keywords
  • Manage our performance in search mechanisms and understand essential metrics, such as click-through rate, traffic and conversions
  • Stay updated with the latest SEO trends.


  • Passion and understanding of the industry and our mission as a company
  • An analytical mind that is interested in using data to optimize and scale SEO strategies
  • Be extremely organized and achieve work independently.
  • 1-2 years of experience with SEO

Pre-interview task

After posting the vacancy, you may receive resumes from a series of candidates. After analyzing the qualification and experience of each one, it is time to make the second filter.

At this stage we recommend that you pass a test to the candidate. The objective is to evaluate if you are really qualified for the vacancy of SEO Analyst.

Ideally, the test should cover the four fundamental points that the professional should have:

  • Search for keywords:  ask the candidate to list the main keywords head tail and long tail that he would use for the site or blog of your company. Ask him to explain also, which ones would you recommend to be used and why.
  • SEO on page:  ask the candidate to list about three SEO problems that the site or blog of your company presents.
  • SEO off page:  ask the candidate to list about 3 strategies that he would use to obtain relevant backlinks for your company’s site or blog.
  • Analysis of metrics:  ask him to analyze some specific metrics of your Analytics, listing possible improvements.

With this test, take the opportunity to evaluate not only the knowledge of the candidate. See also if you follow the instructions of the activity, if you thought strategically and if you met the deadline set between you.

What to ask in the interview

Did the candidate pass the technical test? Great! Now it’s time to converse face to face.

Pay attention if the candidate has the necessary profile and if the personal objectives of him are in tune with those of your company.

To help you in this evaluation, we separated some important questions. During the answers, observe the technical part, proactivity and strategic thinking.

  • How would you structure an SEO strategy to generate more traffic and leads?
  • What content have you already produced and had a good position in Google?
  • Were you the one who optimized the SEO of this, or did you have any help?
  • What optimizations were made for that content to position well?
  • What tools did you use?
  • He tells me about a successful off-page SEO strategy that he generated.
  • What challenges did you face?
  • What was your main difficulty and how did you overcome it?

But in the end, why is it important to have an SEO analyst?

It is possible that you leave your SEO strategy in the hands of another team professional, such as the Content Manager. However, you must be careful not to overload any function.

If your company needs consistent results in SEO, it is necessary to have someone to plan, execute and monitor your strategy.

That does not necessarily have to do with the size of the company itself. It depends on your content marketing strategy. Think carefully: if you want to  attract customers without investing in paid ads,  SEO is an indisputable requirement.

A professional specialized in the area knows how to create content that will bring more visitors to your site and, consequently, more sales.

So that there is no doubt, here are some more reasons why you should hire an SEO analyst:

More traffic

Imagine two shoe stores that are competition. One of them is in an extremely popular shopping center. The other is in a neighborhood garage in a remote location.

Which of them receives more clients?

The number of visitors is a critical point that directly influences sales. The point is that in the physical world it is easy to determine who will receive the most clients.

On the internet, you can be both the store of the mall and be the most secluded establishment.

The difference is how you make the clients reach you. When it comes to attracting visitors, there is nothing more effective in the medium and long term than SEO.

Qualified leads

Are you using your marketing simply to attract visitors and spread your business? Or also, are you thinking about strategies to facilitate sales?

When it comes to selling, the quality of your visitors and prospects makes a difference.

Imagine two situations:

  1. A user is browsing an entertainment site and sees a banner from an English school. In spite of not having certainty if you really need to learn English, you feel curious and click. It is sent to the site, where it finds an offer for a course.
  2. A user identifies the need to learn English, because he understands that this will influence his cart, that is why he goes to Google and digital: “places to learn English”. Click on the first result and find an online language course, in which you can register.

Which of the two leads (potential customers) do you consider to be most qualified for the purchase? If you answered that the second, you guessed right!

An SEO analyst can develop strategies to reach people who will really have an interest in your products and services,  increasing sales.

Within a company, we know that all the marketing effort must bring concrete results. Hence the importance of having professionals who know how to attract the right visitors.

If you are interested in hiring or working as an SEO Analyst, we have this amazing ebook that you can download for free and prepare yourself in depth on the subject:

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