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SEO is optimized for optimizing websites so that they are more visible in search engine search queries. SEO services or search engine optimization, is thus making it easy for existing and potential customers to find a given website on the search engines. It makes sense to be present on the keywords and search phrases that the audience uses when they search on Google and the other search engines like (bing, yandex, baidu, yahoo, ask and Aol Search engines).


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SEO is one of the most effective forms of marketing that exists. The vast majority of purchase decisions are made online. Users are researching the internet before they start a real purchase. Therefore, you must be present, when this research is done, so that you are “top of mind” when the decision to make a purchase takes place.

If you have a well-optimized website that can answer all users’ questions and thus shorten the research process, it can often convince the user to make a purchase immediately – even if the user might have thought to buy the product in one physical store or continue to check prices and selections around the internet.

The battle for the organic results:

This battle between SEO experts and Marketers, So don’t behave like Hitler and don’t start world war 3. (Lol)

Throughout the SEO Services, we strive to place a given URL as high as possible in the organic search results. It should rank high on the keywords that describe that URL at its best.

The organic results are the results you see on Google and the other search engines that are not sponsored results. The sponsored results are gradually increasing in Google search results. In spite of this, one should not mistake the fact that most users are aware that the sponsored results have been purchased for advertising and that they therefore rely heavily on the organic results. Most users have a great deal of confidence that Google shows the best results from the keywords or search phrases that have been typed into the search box. Therefore, they are also more likely to click on an organic result in the vast majority of cases.

Google accounts for 95% of the Danish search engine traffic:

In Denmark, Google is the favorite search engines for danish people. They are also in the rest of the world, but in a country like Denmark, we do not use any search engines other than Google. For the same reason, many people use the search phrase “Google Optimization” instead of SEO. However, it should not be forgotten that for example. Bing also has market shares in Denmark and that there is as much as possible about qualified traffic.

Keywords and search (key) phrases:

If you want to be visible on Google and the other search engines, the first thing to look for is the keywords and search (key) phrases that you want to rank high on. Without a concrete plan for which keywords and search phrases a website is to be found, it is virtually impossible to rank high in searches containing those. It requires that the keywords and search phrases be used on the website. If this is not the case, search engines will be unable to classify a specific page to rank on a given keyword or search phrase.

Because you build your entire SEO investment around the keywords you choose, they are basically the foundation of your SEO work. Therefore, it is imperative that you make a thorough assessment of exactly which keywords to work with and how the competition is on them.

Long-tail keywords converge better and have less competition (key words sense):

There is a big difference whether working on what is called longtail keyword or what is called generic keywords. Generic keywords are keywords that are very wide in nature. An example of this is “mobile phones”. Users searching for “mobile phones” are looking very wide and therefore rarely particularly long in their buying cycle. Otherwise, it relates to longtail keywords. An example within the same category is “Buy Nokia 9800”. Here the user is much longer in the purchase process, as a specific model is selected and there is an intention to make a transaction. In other words, the chance that this user will end up buying is very high!

The competition on longtail keywords is at the same time much lower than the generic keywords. Just because longtail keywords are not specifically targeted, but instead often characterize the entire branches of an industry, it is best in most cases to use these before starting to work on the generic top keywords that are also under the name “trophy keywords”.

Content Optimization:

The keywords and search phrases selected as being the ones to compete on must be implemented in the content of the site. This includes body text, page title, meta descriptions and Alt tags. At the same time, it is necessary to assess whether the content is best on an information page that draws users in the research phase, whether it should be a sales page or perhaps a whole category with several underlying articles on a given topic.

In addition, it is necessary to assess whether the content on the site, in general, matches the target audience it seeks to hit. It is not enough to know the traffic-generating keywords if the intention the user had with the keyword is not matched to the content presented on the site. There may be a big difference in how the content should be prepared, depending on whether it is targeted, for example. students or academics.

There are a wide range of tools that can help you evaluate your audience based on existing mailing lists or other user data that you will most often access. Data such as this is vital for understanding one’s users and thus being able to optimize their content.

SEO render ( offers content analyzes and other SEO Services that review all phases of how to create good content, while considering the current content.

Technical SEO Services:

Technology is one of the most important parameters of SEO work. If there are technical issues on a website, Google and the other search engines may have trouble crawling and indexing. This makes it almost impossible to be visible in the organic search results.

There may be many reasons why a website can not be indexed properly. For example, there may be issues with:

  • Pages that return incorrect response codes.
  • Blocking important pages on the site.
  • Lack of blocking of critical pages on the site.
  • Missing page titles.
  • An incorrect menu navigation.
  • Missing navigation elements.
  • Problems with link structure.
  • The use of scripts, Java, Flash, or other non index-able search engines.

Duplicate content (duplicate content), Copy right:

One of the largest indexing barriers that exists is what is called duplicate content. Duplicated content is, as the name suggests, content duplicated, meaning content repeatedly. Really many websites suffer from duplicate content, and although SEO specialists have for years cried about the issue, even the best CMS systems can not look for duplicate content.

If you have duplicate content, this alone can prevent the entire site from being indexed correctly. It can therefore greatly affect the possibilities for achieving good rankings in search results. Duplicate content comes in many shapes and sizes. For example, if you use internal parameters, they can create several versions of each page on the site.

Google makes it very difficult to evaluate which of these pages is correct, and thus which page it should appear in search results. This is a choice you should not leave to the search engines. It must be dictated with a hard hand! Although search engine bugs are extremely complex, in most cases they are not able to perform this task. At the same time, it is not the search engine’s problem that the site’s content is not indexed and ranked properly – that’s your problem.

Speed of your website:

A website’s (Ex: speed has a lot to say compared to the rankings it can achieve in search results. With a slow website, not only users’ time, but also search engines are wasted. Therefore, a bad rate on a website will adversely affect the rankings in search results. Google and the other search engines make up for a website quickly. They do not want to show their users, and thus website users, a slow website – it’s a bad result.

Website speed also has a lot to say in terms of how well it can be indexed. If it is a large and complex website, it’s required that it’s fast, to get it crawled properly. There are exceptions. A very popular website will have many links, and it will make Google bot get more patience with the site. Thus, it takes longer to crawl it. On the other hand, if the website is barely so popular, Googlebot requires it to respond swiftly. Best of all, of course, it is a quick website and a website with many and good inbound links.

Inappropriate indexing:

Really many websites have problems with inappropriate indexing. There may be files, pages and folders that are available to search engines, but which do not basically contribute any value to either search engines or users. Examples of this could be PDFs that do not contain navigation elements, which causes the user to be captured in the document. It can also be Word documents or entire folders of files or lists that do not make sense to a user without prior knowledge of these.

Redundant content, ie Content that is actually superfluous is another problem. This could be indexed 404 pages, pages exclusively with an image or a video, tag and category pages, etc. The more redundant content a website contains that search engine bugs can crawl, the bigger the problems are. In general, nothing but concrete and useful pages should be indexed – pages that stand alone when a user lands on them, meaningful pages of content and links.

All of these problems can be solved and one of the best ways to detect all technical issues is to get a technical SEO analysis.

Link Building:

Google and the other search engines have built their algorithms around popularity analyzes. Popularity is measured based on recommendations. Online comes recommendations through links, regardless of whether they are common links from common websites or links from social media. Therefore, search engines use the number of links to a website and the quality of these to assess how well a website is and thus how well it should be located in search results.

It does not matter which sources the incoming links are from. Links from relevant pages are the best links to get, and all else being links from more popular websites are worth more than links from less popular websites. Links from pages with high credibility are also high in the link accounts. In other words, there are inbound links from a wide variety of link sources to create the perfect link mix that provides the best options for top rankings in search results.

Link building by out source:

Link building is a discipline in SEO services that should be taken very seriously and should be performed by professionals who understand it. Unfortunately, there are many who offer linkbbuilding as a service that has not understood how dangerous a discipline it can be if it is not performed correctly.

Therefore, it is important that, as a buyer of link building from external suppliers, you are aware of the quality of the work being done. Manipulating too strongly with the links to one’s website can lead to a link penalty and a link penalty leads to significantly poorer locations and thus major loss in the number of visitors. At the same time it can be immensely difficult to get out of a link penalty once your website is hit.

Is a website affected by a link penalty, or is it suspected, offered by SEO render link analyzes. In a link analysis, the link profile on your or your company’s website is carefully reviewed for the purpose of advising on how it may appear more natural and how any link sentences can be removed. There is a guarantee that all possible linkage sentences can be removed if the link analysis is followed up to date – something no other Danish companies currently offer.

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