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Search Engine Optimization – Tips 2018 – SEO Render Updates 2018

Websites (or ” homepages “) serve their purpose only if those interested can find them without knowing the web address – otherwise your page is like a shop window hidden in the backyard. Search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, can indeed spy on such backyards. But they judge a website as much as a person does a shop window, namely: Anyone who places himself so sloppy probably does not have much to offer otherwise. So that your website achieves a high ranking in the long term, we present it: Search Engine Optimization basis for top rankings at Google & Co.

SEO basics: Introduction to search engine ranking with common sense

If it is very urgent that your website is found to be optimal by Google & Co. and if SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still a sealed book, you should entrust the necessary measures to an SEO agency. However, this does not mean that search engine optimization can not be taken in hand. One of the most important Search Engine Optimization basics is: search engines find good, what people find good – “find good” in the sense of a positive rating! The following 9 search engine optimization rules are deliberately eye catching – and they’re just your first steps:

  • Your strongest trademark on the Internet is your domain name. The domain should refer to your offer as unmistakable as possible. If you call Meier and make screws in Germany: would be optimal. If the optimal name is already taken, you need to look for a creative alternative .
  • Content is the Alpha and Omega! Ensure quality and meaningful content and transport your expertise with a clear added value to your customers. At the same time, texts, pictures and videos should be structured in many ways and at the same time with a systematic headline hierarchy. Even large amounts of content can be accommodated through a clever menu structure. But: too economical content acts like a supermarket with empty shelves.
  • One of the keys to high website rankings is still ” keywords “, which are terms that someone could enter searching for your offer. If you’re Screw Meier in Cologne, “Screwing” is of course the key keyword. Or “screw trade in Cologne” or “cheap screws”, etc.
  • Even the main keyword in Google search enter (possibly with a space) and use the automatically displayed terms themselves. Helpful keyword tools are also the Google Keyword Planner or Hypersuggest. Use keywords in headings, text and metadata.
  • Even though keywords are a key aspect of successful Search Engine Optimization, overuse is prohibited! If the content is overloaded with keywords, Google recognizes this as keyword stuffing (and thus as trickery) and evaluates the page. Use keywords wisely!
  • The Internet search should be one thing above all else: fast. Make sure your page design is fast loading time by avoiding unnecessary scripts and large files. Google’s PageSpeed ​​service is ideal for checking and improving web page speed .
  • The “business cards” for your website are called links. This is, for example, a link to an Search Engine Optimization offer for you – and an example of a well-placed link. Because just like business cards, you should only put links where you are helpful and useful. Do not buy links and do not swap them indiscriminately (“I link to you and you to me”). Google usually notices that and evaluates your page.
  • Highly meaningful links are those on reputable websites: yellow pages, member lists of associations, professional Internet forums, etc., but above all: an entry in Google Maps with all information provided there! As a general rule, the better a page links to which you are linked, the more the link is worth. There are pages that can find links to my website .
  • Ease of use even for the smaller screens of smartphones, tablets, etc. is an absolute must – at least if the Google search from mobile devices to deliver good results! Google itself has an instant test for the criterion “mobile friendly” with indications of necessary measures.
  • Uniqueness (also) search engines are good. This means that your texts should not be copied from other sources, because that seems as frivolous as Google, as it usually is. If there is something on a third-party website that you do not want to deprive your visitors of, then you’d better link to it. Make good lyrics, or let them do it – but yourself.

Overview: Keep an eye on current SEO trends

The topic of search engine optimization or Google ranking is not only inexhaustible in terms of scope. In addition, some recommendations have always been controversial and the scale of the ranking (which is again undisputed) is constantly changing. It certainly pays off, at least roughly to keep up to date; “Gross” because a significant amount of SEO is a real expert matter for webmasters and designers, programmers and relatives. Apart from that: The final tips – without claim to completeness – lead you with interest further to your personal search engine optimization.

Tips for Search Engine Optimization for beginners

  • Find out here in the blog under the category “Google” or enter ” SEO ” or ” Search Engine Optimization ” in the search box.
  • Do not let your hair down! There are more important things than the secrets of search engine optimization.
  • At the same time a thorough, clear and competent overview of the most important SEO measures for beginners is offered by another source of unquestionable authority: MOZ (but in English).
  • Finally, if you google the topic yourself, keep it timely because of the relatively short information half-life: when your search results appear, click on “Search Options” and then “Any Time”. Then you can eg filter out results only from last year for yourself.

One step further: Successful Local SEO

“Restaurant Hannover” – Searches are short, concise and often local. Especially in the mobile age of smartphones and tablets. So that local businesses can also be found via Google, the website design must not lack certain local SEO basics.

Local SEO, ie local marketing, includes the optimization of the website for location-based search queries. A search query is local if the search is targeted at local service providers, companies, or other vendors. Let’s take the example of the screw Meier in Cologne again: If a potential customer on the Internet with the help of the keyword “screws” looking for a screw shop, then he is probably not interested in distant stores in Munich or Stuttgart. Much more important are local service providers. And this is exactly where you come into play as a screw Meier in Cologne!
The prerequisites for this are easy, because the following applies: If a service has a good online presence, this leads to a high placing in the ranking and thus to a high probability of being found. If additional local SEO guidelines are followed in addition to the basic SEO characteristics, the company will appear at the top of Google search with specific name, address, phone number, and associated Google Maps . This information is called “Local Citations. They are the key to successful local marketing.

Local SEO Guide: How to Optimize Successfully?

First and foremost is the maintenance of your own website and its online presence, so basic SEO measures (see above). This is a first step towards high search engine ranking. For local SEO but above all the “Local Citations” are a crucial success factor. In particular, it depends on the uniform specification of the contact information: Name, address and telephone number should in any case agree and not vary in their details. For example, if the phone number changes, it needs to be updated on all relevant platforms. Furthermore, in this context, the creation of a Google My BusinessAccounts a helpful aspect. This will show company information, as well as photos or reviews, on Google Search, Maps, and Google+ . Positive customer ratings and rating scores on various portals promote the acquisition of new customers and transport a good corporate image to the public. In summary, you should consider these aspects when localizing your website:

  • SEO: On-page factors
  • Identical “Local Citations”
  • Allowing customer reviews
  • Create a Google My Business Account


Classic SEO and Local SEO are not short-lived things, but require a lot of work and, above all, patience. In addition, the measures listed here are only your first steps towards successful search engine optimization. However, it is clear: The battle for the top 10 in the search engine ranking is great and the competition does not sleep! So do not look at SEO as a one-time business, but much more than a dynamic process. Maintain your website and keep it up to date. And even if success is not always immediately measurable, do not let your head down! Your patience will pay off!